1. Hiking Trails: 

Difficulties: 1 = easy, 2 = moderate, 3 = hard

Tomášovský výhľad - Hiking Path
Spišské Tomášovce → Tomášovský výhľad → Spišské Tomášovce
Distance: 5,1 km
Duration: 1:51 h
Difficulty: 1

Čingov - Circuit:          

Čingov centrum → Lesnica, ústie  → Biely potok, rázcestie → Pod Tomášovským → Tomášovský výhľad → Ďurkovec → Čingov, centrum
Distance: 5,8 km
Duration: 2:05 h
Difficulty: 2

Suchá Belá - Ravine, Waterfalls
Podlesok začiatok → Suchá Belá → Pod Vtáčim hrbom →  Nad Podleskom → Podlesok
Distance: 8,9 km
Duration: 3:32 h
Difficulty: 3

Veľký Sokol - Ravine, Waterfalls                

Píla,  Piecky → Sokol, horáreň → Veľký Sokol → Glacká cesta → Glac, bývalá horáreň → Malá poľana, rázcestie → Glac, Malá poľana → Suchá Belá, záver → Pod Vtáčim hrbom → Nad Podleskom → Podlesok

Distance: 16,9 km
Duration: 4:42 h
Difficulty: 3

Piecky - Circuit:                                 
Píla, Piecky →  Piecky → Piecky, vrch → Glac, Malá poľana → Malá poľana → Palc, rázcestie → Píla, Piecky                                             
Distance: 10,6 km
Duration: 3:46 h
Difficulty: 3

2. Cycling Paths:   
Pri podlesku → Kláštorisko - distance 6,5km,  duration: 0:35 h, difficulty 2, surface: asphalt, paved road
Podlesok → Glacká cesta → Stratená - distance 19,2km, duration: 1:15 h, difficulty 2, surface: asphalt, paved road
Pri Podlesku→ Sokol, horáreň→ Blajzloch→ Kopanec, sedlo→ Kriviáň - distance 22km, duration: 1:30 h, difficulty 1, surface: paved road
Podlesok → Kopanec → Pusté pole → Kráľova hoľa - distance 60km, duration: 3:50 h, difficulty 3, povrch: asphalt, paved road

3. Horse Ride
Try a unique experience and get to know the Slovak Paradise from the back of a horse. In our area, it is possible to order sightseeing tours for children and adults.
4. Educational Trails

Educational Trail Prielom Hornádu (distance 2,1 km from Relax Marianka)
Moderate difficulty, 11 km long educational trail with 16 stops, located in attractive canyon-like valley with winding paths, that narrows to just a few meters in some sections with rock cliffs talls up to 150 meters. Its traversal is made possible through the use of various technical supports, including metal or wooden bridges, footbridges, chains, steps, and ladders.  

Educational Trail Blajzloch (distance 8,7 km from Relax Marianka)
Easy difficulty, 5,5 km long educational trail with 6 educational interactive stops about conservation of nature in beautiful untouched nature is verz attractive for families with children. Lake Blajzloch, a crown jewel, ranks among the most romantic destinations in Slovakia. In the trout-filled lake, there's an island made reachable by a wooden footbridge that stretches almost to the lake's midpoint.

Educational Trail Stratenský kaňon (distance 17,2 km from Relax Marianka)
Interesting and easy rute long 1,1 km with 10 stops. Information panels, affixed to the rocks, provide insights into the area's history, caves, flora, fauna, and geology - the geological foundation of the Hnilec river's upper courses or the formation of the Slovak Paradise's ravines .

5. Other Interesting places:

AquaCity Poprad Slovakia (distance 13,2 km from Relax Marianka)
It boasts 13 outdoor and indoor pools, water slides, over 350 water attractions, Slovakia's largest wellness and spa center, dedicated children's areas, playgrounds, engaging animation programs for kids, and an extraordinary 3D Laser show.

Dobšinská Ice Cave (distance 17,4 km from Relax Marianka)
Its located in Slovak Paradise in Spišsko-Gemerskom karst. Its entrance, also called „Ice Hole“, is located below Duča mountain (1 141 m.a.s.l.) on north side of Hanesová plateau and is located at 971 m.a.s.l.. You must ascend via a winding serpentine path with a 130 m elevation gain from Dobšinská Ice Cave parking. The sightseeing route spans 515 m with a 43 m elevation gain and takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

Spišská Nová Ves (distance 18 km from Relax Marianka)
The city's skyline is most distinctively marked by the 87 m tall neo-Gothic church tower, constructed in 1892-1893 from the designs of Professor Imrich Steindl. It stands as the tallest church tower in Slovakia.

Levoča (distance 18 km from Relax Marianka)
Levoča, with its city walls and meticulous town planning, retains the essence of a medieval town. Recognized as a city monument reserve, its wealth of monuments and artistic treasures ranks it among the most picturesque historical cities in Slovakia. At the heart of its cultural heritage stands the Basilica of St. James, home to eleven Gothic and Renaissance wing altars, among which is the world's tallest wooden Late Gothic altar, marking it as a paramount and unique monument.

Thermal park Vrbov (distance 18,2 km from Relax Marianka)
Year-round, you can rejuvenate your body after a demanding day in the thermal pools, filled with geothermal water rich in minerals essential for human health. The facility boasts ten swimming pools, including four dedicated to children. In the winter season, five pools remain open, offering both geothermal and clear water. The water temperature in these pools varies between 26°C and 38°C, ensuring a warm and relaxing experience regardless of the outside temperature.

Monkeyland (distance 20,2 km from Relax Marianka)
A rope park featuring a variety of obstacles suspended among the trees, designed to entertain and challenge all age groups.

ZOO Spišská Nová Ves (distance 20,7 km from Relax Marianka)

A picturesque zoo in an amazing natural environment.


Spišský Castle (distance 34,5 km from Relax Marianka)
This site stands as one of the most precious national cultural monuments in the Spiš region. With its expanse covering over 4 hectares, it is regarded as one of the largest castle complexes in Central Europe.

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