Winter Hiking in Slovak Paradise:
Slovak Paradise remains open to tourists even in winter, offering a unique and unforgettable experience. To navigate the trails during this season, it's crucial to equip yourself with crampons or anti-slip covers, along with walking sticks, as the paths become more challenging. The majestic waterfalls transform into stunning icefalls after the first frosts, accessible with the necessary gear in designated areas. Notable locations include Suchá Bela, Sokolia dolina, Kláštorná roklina, Letanovský mlyn, Zejmarská roklina, and Pliecky. In particularly cold winters, the Prielom Hornádu canyon may also freeze over, becoming our longest ice rink, stretching 12 kilometers.

Skiing nearby

Kubašok ski centrum (14,1km)
Beyond the snow-draped slopes, it features a ski center, a school for skiing beginners, and ski equipment rental services.

Ski Vernár Studničky (18,4km)
The resort is ideal for family skiing, boasting slopes of easy and medium difficulty that are regularly groomed by tracked vehicles. Visitors can also benefit from a ski school, ski equipment rental, and basic ski servicing facilities

Ski Brodok (20,5km)
Ski resort Poráč Brodok caters to skiers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with slopes artificially maintained with snow from snow cannons for consistent skiing conditions.

Ski Telgárt (30km)
The resort accommodates beginners, experienced, and demanding skiers alike. It's also a haven for enthusiasts of downhill and freeride skiing or snowboarding.

Skiing in High Tatras (from 30km)
Štrbské Pleso - Ski Resort
Tatranská Lomnica - Ski Resort 
Jasná - Ski Resort

Sledding in Slovak Paradise
Last but not least, we highlight the sledding opportunities in Slovak Paradise and the hills nearby. No need to bring your own sleds or bobsleighs; we have them ready for you. Just remember to reserve them in advance :)